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Malam Seram

Creator / Producer / Presenter
'LIVE' Horror Talk Show
Storytelling & 'LIVE" phone interviews


Tuesday - Saturday

12 midnight - 1 am

Available on:

Youtube  |  Spotify  |  Apple Podcast

Cerita Dalam Kereta

Creator / Producer / Presenter
Youtube Series

Driving around Singapore while sharing eerie encounters (Solo or with Guest)


Featured local celebrity:

Taufik Batisah, Atrez (Rapper), Ryan Deedat (MY Artist)

Special Episodes Brunei & Malaysia

Season 1  |  Season 2  |  Season 3 (on-going)


Available only on:


Season's Rerun on:


Bual Champion (New)

Creator / Producer / Presenter
'Live" / Recorded Talk Show
Getting netizens opinion & comment on current issues


Available only on:

Facebook  |  Spotify  |  Apple Podcast

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